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XT 600, Typ 43F Bj. 1986, km unbekannt, Eigentümer: Premek Vanek aus Prag

i am an XT rider from Czech Republic and "mein deutsch ist nich gut", so
i write in English. I like your pages, especially the section "XT des
Monats", which inspired me in rebuilding my bike. There are a few images
of my Yamaha in the attachement and i hope you will like it. The bike is
43F from year 86, the engine is now from 3TB, but previsously i had the
original engine rebored to 618 cc + higher compresion Wiseco piston.
There is a racing exhaust made by enduro specialist Praga, the
suspension is original, but rebuilded for motocross purposes. The front
brake disc is Spiegler originaly for XJ 900, there is two piston Nissin
caliper and braided hose line. The handlebars are from Renthal, the
frame has black colour and the front fender is from Acerbis. The gear
ration is lowered for better wheelies and there are new spokes in both
wheels. In fact all on my XT is repaired of changed for new spareparts,
because i wanted the bike to function.

I ride the bike on motocross tracks and i often use it for wheelies in
the streets. I like the XTs on your pages and i wanted to show you, that
there are some XT funs also across your east borders :)

i dont know how many km my XT has got, because all the meters i threw to the
trash, without them it looks better :)
The bike was built in 1986, it is the 43F version, but the engine is from 2KF
and the front forks from 3TB, so is the brake caliper.
other modifications are:
completely new built engine (crankshaft, con rod, piston, rebored cylinder)
lowered secondary ratio
racing exhaust made by Praga
frame and swingarm in black paint
stiffed forks and rear suspension
Renthal bars
front fender Acerbis
rear fender Polisport
left side panel from Honda CR
front brake disc from Yamaha XJ 900+2piston caliper+braided line